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Eco School/Ysgol Eco

We are proud to be an Eco-School and are extremely proud to say that we have earned our Platinum Award. 

Our School Eco-Council is currently being led by Miss Phoenix (Foundation Phase) and Mr Williams (KS2).


At the beginning of every year, each class from Year 1 – 6 hold Eco Council elections. The children who want be part of the Eco Council prepare speeches about why they think they would make a good Eco Councillor and what they have to offer. The children in their class then vote for two children. The two children chosen from each class attend regular meetings and feedback what has been discussed.


During our first meeting, the children introduce themselves and give reasons for why they what to be part of the Eco Council. The year 6 children are then given the opportunity to take on more responsibility, by taking on the roles of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and treasurer. The Eco Councillors vote for the children who have the most to offer that role.


Each year the Eco Council then complete an Environmental review of the school and its grounds. They then report their finding to their classes, giving everyone in the school the opportunity to have an input. Once the review is finalised the Eco Council then draw up an action plan for the year.


We have lots of fun on the Eco Council and we are very proud of the impact we are having on the environment!

Action Plan 2020-2021

Mini Garden Competition to celebrate National Gardening week.