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Dyma Criw Cymraeg Ysgol Southdown:




We have been chosen to support and promote the use of Welsh at our school. We have regular meetings and  are working as a team with all children and staff in school to achieve the Bronze Award, as part of the 'Cymraeg Campus' initiative. 


We have made a great start and are currently working toward achieving Targed 6/ Target 6: 


We have chosen a selection of 'Apiau Cymraeg'/Welsh apps to be used on the ipads in class.


We have created posters to promote the use of Welsh apps in class.


We have promoted the use of 'Ap geiriaduron' (Welsh dictionary) in school to support word processing tasks. 



Meet this year's crew - Cwrdd a chriw eleni:


On Thursday 12th March, the school will be assessed for the Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award.

The CRIW CYMRAEG have been working hard to encourage all pupils to help achieve the 10 targets needed to receive the award. Fingers crossed!


Gwobr Efydd (Bronze Award ) Achieved

After lots of hard work from all staff, children and the Criw Cymraeg, we were awarded Gwobr Efydd after successfully achieving all 10 targets.


Rydyn ni'n mor falch ohonoch chi i gyd (we are so proud of you all). 


Read the report received from Flintshire Athrawon Bro.