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Class DOJO

Class Dojo

We are proud at Southdown to be using the Class DOJO system.  As well as merit points for good work and behaviour, your child may be awarded DOJOs as well for a variety of different things.


DOJO points are unique to your child's class, as your child's class teacher works with your class to create different DOJO points.  The Class DOJO promotes both good behaviour and work.


Other features of the Class DOJO include:

- Individual Messenger.  - This allows you to message your child's class teacher, within normal working hours - please do not expect staff to respond out of these hours.

- Class Story. - This will be updated from time to time, allowing you to see what your child has been doing in school.

 - School Story - This will also be updated from time to time, allowing you to see what the whole school have been doing.


The Class DOJO is a valuable point of contact with your child's class teacher and promotes open communication about what your child is doing in school. 


Please do not use Class DOJO for letting school know if your child is absent, please ring the office 01244 544473; also if you have any queries please speak directly to your child's class teacher, rather than the messaging service as we can respond much quicker.


You will be given an invitation to join your child's class DOJO when your child starts at Southdown.