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ALN - Additional Learning Needs

Additional Needs


Every child is unique and special and here at Southdown Primary School, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and ensuring that our children’s needs are met. We aim to develop the potential of all our children. However, during their journey through school, children will experience challenges which may slow their progress.


Children who have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than their peers; and/or have a disability that hinders them from accessing or making best use of normal classroom provision is recognised as having additional needs.


Children may experience Behavioural and /or Social and Emotional difficulties are also included as well as children who are most able. We have an established pastoral team to nurture children who have worries or are upset. A dedicated room ensures a relaxed environment in which the children are encouraged to work through any problems they may have.


It is our aim to identify pupils with additional learning needs as early as is possible, through our programme of observation, assessment and target setting so that the appropriate provision can be made for them. Class teachers work alongside me with parents and pupils to ensure we support each child appropriately in order to reach their full potential.


At Southdown, we firmly believe that the partnership between school and home is extremely important in ensuring that your child is supported and by working together we can enable every child to reach their potential. We value parents contribution to their child’s education, and by working with you, we know we can help your child succeed.


Mrs K. Bell

Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator/ Deputy Head Teacher.